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We use best techniques & herbal pest controls.

Contact us for best sanitizing services or disinfecting services in Pune. We are expert in giving complete sanitizing service to your Residential Premises, Flat, Bungalow, Society. We are a government licensed holder for doing this services and we assured to give the best service.

Sanitization service is to protect against the bacteria, fungi and viruses. Sanitization service include the process of reducing microbes to safe levels ie. 99.99 % of micro-organism population. Diluted disinfectant solution should be sprayed on surface area like Door Knobs, Hand Railings, Handles, Tables, Chairs, Walls Drobes, Corridors and staircase. Spraying to be done with ULV sprayer preferably. Misting to be done in entire space to kill the microbes in air.

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